Bobbie Cryner

To all of my Friends and Fans:

I am very excited about my third album project.  My first album was autonomously titled Bobbie Cryner and was a result of being signed at Sony Epic.  The second album, Girl of Your Dreams came about through a move to MCA Records and they both had great critical acclaim.   For my third album "True Grit", I have decided to skip the record label route and go with a more DIY approach, and the idea that I came up with was instead of looking for the traditional investors, I wanted the fans to have an opportunity to be the biggest part of it.  This album is very country and I believe this is an audience grossly ignored by the industry at this time.  If you love country to the bone music, this is something you'll want to be a part of.  Think of it as donating to your favorite public broadcasting system, or donating to the most important part of a genre of music, true country.  I felt that my fans and friends would be the best place to start as you are the reason I want to make this album in the first place.

I have not put a limit on the donations I am needing just yet, as I have so many avenues of the cd to follow and a commitment to giving back various gifts for your generosity.  We will know when we reach our goal because it will be enough to cover all expenses in putting out a great cd.  We could go for a small amount of donations knowing that an album could be made for next to nothing, in some cases, but that's not my goal.  I want to release the most professional and great quality of music for the fans.  Something that the fans will truly be honored to be a part of and be proud of the end result, and unfortunately, that doesn't come cheap.

I have made a list of gifts in return for certain donation amounts, that I believe you will enjoy.
Most of you will be wondering what exactly goes into the making of an album, and where all of your donations will be going.  This is where I can give you a "backstage" tour of sorts to show you from beginning to end, where these donations fit and why I'm asking for your help.  This is for you.
The beginning of the album, of course, starts with the greatest selections of songs I can find.  Then that's where it starts costing money.  The first is a great producer, great musicians and studio time which run into thousands of dollars to start with.  Then there's the artistic layout for the album along with cd pressing and processing and then you have a good start.  Next comes the PR (public relations people of course) who make the album start happening.  They send it to several magazines, trades and papers and radio stations for review (my last two albums were all reviewed by People, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The Village Voice, Journal Magazine, Rolling Stone, Billboard, R&R and etc.).  PR also lines up all the interviews and launching of publicity to get the album out there and known to the people as well as the music industry.  Through all of this there is someone in addition hired for promotion of the album in the booking industry.  But before booking there is distribution.  We are looking at self distribution as well as Wal-Mart.  There will also be digital downloads for each song on all three albums, and all three cds.  As well as digital sales of each full album.  The cd's will also be available in their entirety through the mail.  All of this can be done through Pay-Pal or personal check.  This will all be available to you as soon as the album is complete.  Buying enough cd's for distribution alone will run into the thousands of dollars.  Not to mention the thousands that producers, PR, promotion, booking, as I plan to tour to support the album completely, and oh, yes, the mixing of the album and engineers and back-up singers.  Then there comes the price to hit the road.  Hopefully, by then, the album will be generating money of its own and will carry it through tours and all the costs of being on the road.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.  Of course, there's me, who won't get paid to sing on my own album, but the support of my fans and friends will be worth ever hour in the studio.  A good album can take a couple of months and hundreds of man hours.  I want to put out the best, and not something half done for all of your generosity.  Every dime contributed will go towards something to do with the album.  Not a penny will be wasted.  I thank you all in advance for your outpouring of support for a new country, country album.  There will be something on the album for everyone and we already have lined up some of the greatest musicians in Nashville as well as a terrific producer.

I hope you can appreciate the "DIY" approach as it eliminates politics and becoming another dancing bear for a record label.  This is the album I've always "wanted" to make.  The album that labels called "too country for country music".  I hope you will all join in support if you can and enjoy the tokens of appreciation that come with each donation.  Like I said, they will all be given once the album is completed.  Thank you all for whatever you choose to give.  Nothing is too small.  Everything is appreciated.  You will end up with something you will very proud to have been a part of.

With all of my love and gratitude,

Bobbie Cryner