We Do Computer Stuff

We fix computers. We make websites. We build database applications in Microsoft Access. ¬†And by “we” I mean “me.” It’s just me. We just sounds better ’cause it sounds like “we” are a group of people in polo shirts with logos and smartphones that we use to do things with. I check my Facebook with my smartphone. And it isn’t even that smart; it’s a StraightTalk smartphone, which means it’s the phones that everybody quit stocking two years ago. But the service is $50 a month versus $97 a month for the same service at Verizon. That’s $47 a month in savings that we me pass on to you…well, not really. I’d charge the same thing even if I didn’t have a cell phone. In fact, if I didn’t have a cell phone I could probably charge a little less considering I’d be saving $50 a month, so actually even my cheap phone service is costing you a few nickels more. Sorry about that.

Anyway, we fix computers. Remove viruses, malware, adware…stuff like that. We also make ‘em run a little better and faster. We build websites. We build datab…eh, I’ve said all this up there. I’m cheap. This isn’t how I make my living. This supports my grown up drink purchase and pays for vacation and movies and stuff. Oh, and it goes to pay for my son’s new legs. He doesn’t have legs. You don’t have to use our services if you don’t want. I’ll go tell my son you’re going with the guy your cousin knows. I’ll have to go tell him ’cause he can’t come to me. No legs. Poor kid.